Hello. I’m Darry Marshall.

I am thrilled to be an Alderman for the Town of Atoka.
I am seeking election for Tipton County School Board District 4

Meet the Candidate

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First of all I am a Christian who has committed his life to follow Christ where ever He leads. Debbie and I are members of Gateway Baptist Church where I serve as a deacon and a small group leader. We have been happily married for 39 years with two adult children and two wonderful grandsons. Debbie and I have devoted our lives to fulfill our calling as educators with the majority of our service being in the Tipton County Schools. In total I have 34 years of experience in educating children as a teacher, football coach and High School Principal. All of my assignments have been both challenging and rewarding. I was the Principal at Munford High School from January 2002 until my retirement in July of 2013 and all decisions I made in every assignment were measured in student benefit. During my 12 years as the Principal, I was honored to lead an outstanding faculty and staff that shared our vision of educational excellence at Munford High School. I watched our outstanding teachers challenge our students to do their very best and it showed up in the student’s academic achievements that are measured in many ways. I am very proud of the fact that while I was Principal, Munford High maintained the highest academic rating from the State of Tennessee with level 5 status. 


I have also served on the Atoka Planning Commission. It was this experience that sparked my interest to get involved in our community government. As a member of the Planning Commission, we fought hard for better subdivisions. I’m proud to be a part of the commission that changed the rules for any new development in our city. Instead of ditches and over ground utility service, the new standard requires new subdivisions to develop proper drainage with gutters, sidewalks and underground utilities. I am very happy to witness these changes taking place in the new residential developments in town.

Why should you place your trust in me and elect me to the school board?

It is easy to sit back and complain about the issues in our community but several years ago I decided to get involved by being a part of solving the problems we face. In 2016, you elected me to represent you as a member of the Atoka Board of Alderman. I will continue to work very hard as your Alderman. If you elect me to the school board, I will bring my experience and understanding to table and go to work for you, our teachers and students in Tipton County

My Views

5 (1)I am a conservative and like most of you, don’t like new taxes. So I understand the importance of being a responsible steward of the town’s resources. Currently, I am a volunteer football coach at Brighton High School and humbly serve as a Sunday school teacher for a wonderful group of Christians at Gateway Baptist Church. Although I still am a work in progress, I strive to live my life according to Christian principles.

If elected, I will seek your input and work very hard to make sound, reasonable, and fair decisions that will continue to improve our community.

My Priorities

Although there are many facets of a highly successful school system, I will focus on three of the most important areas that need to be addressed. Let’s start here:

Safe Learning Environment

Clearly this is the most important challenge this board faces and we must provide resources that enable our Principals to create safe schools. We need to explore all possible solutions to this issue and be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our schools are as safe as possible. Our children deserve our best effort in this vital area. I am encouraged by the commitment that our current leadership has in this essential area. 

Great Teachers

We must address the issues that has made it difficult to recruit and retain outstanding educators. Since 2013 we have not significantly increased salary compensation for our teachers and staff. As a result, Tipton county has fallen behind the salary schedule compared to our surrounding districts. We are losing great talent to other districts. I spoke to one of my outstanding teachers who left this year because he received a $10,000 raise by accepting a position in the Millington School System. We must support our teachers and I will encourage our board to seek ways that we can address this area including looking at deficiencies in our budget.

World Class Learning Environment

Our students deserve a world class learning environment. I will partner with other board members to assist Dr. John Combes to move our school system to even greater things. I get excited when hear his commitment to the students of Tipton County. 

Thank You!



It’s hard for me to express in words how much I appreciate you electing me as your Alderman. Thank you so very much. Now the real work begins and I’m committed to work very hard to represent you as the board continues to do its part making Atoka a wonderful place to live. I promise to listen to you because I now work for you. Special thanks to all my close friends who encouraged me to run and supported my campaign.

Please pray for me as I begin this awesome responsibility.

What Others Say

In 1994-1995 Darry Marshall came to Munford High School and turned a desolate football program into something to be proud of. Since that time he has played a major role in the education of the youth in our community. His leadership ability is second to none. I have seen him portray his Christian values first hand and I have the utmost respect for him. He has my support to once again become an influential leader within our community. Read more testimonials here.

Ben Forbess Detective, Tipton County Sheriff Department 

Since 1994, I have watched Darry lead his family in church and in the community to be good citizens. Darry coached young men in football, instilling in them the importance of hard work. He not only prepared them for football he prepared them for life. Read more testimonials here.

Jack Conner Personal Friend and Small Group Leader at Gateway Baptist Church

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