My Priorities

Although there are many facets of a highly successful school system, I will focus on three of the most important areas that need to be addressed. Let’s start here:

Safe Learning Environment

Clearly this is the most important challenge this board faces and we must provide resources that enable our Principals to create safe schools. We need to explore all possible solutions to this issue and be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our schools are as safe as possible. Our children deserve our best effort in this vital area. I am encouraged by the commitment that our current leadership has in this essential area. 

Great Teachers

We must address the issues that has made it difficult to recruit and retain outstanding educators. Since 2013 we have not significantly increased salary compensation for our teachers and staff. As a result, Tipton county has fallen behind the salary schedule compared to our surrounding districts. We are losing great talent to other districts. I spoke to one of my outstanding teachers who left this year because he received a $10,000 raise by accepting a position in the Millington School System. We must support our teachers and I will encourage our board to seek ways that we can address this area including looking at deficiencies in our budget.

World Class Learning Environment

Our students deserve a world class learning environment. I will partner with other board members to assist Dr. John Combes to move our school system to even greater things. I get excited when hear his commitment to the students of Tipton County.