Todd Rowland Football Coach South Fort Walton High School

I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Darry Marshall when he was the Head Football Coach at Northside High School in Fort Smith Arkansas.   Darry inherited a team when hired that had fallen on hard times having had several losing seasons and many of their best athletes and students were transferring to the newly built school across town.   I watched Darry first hand reignite a schools spirit, inspire kids with no guidance at home to get out of the hallways and participate on the football team again.   I watched Darry bring a school of mixed cultures from Vietnamese to African American to white into harmony working after a common goal of being a Champion.  I watched Darry handle adversity, the press and many old time nay Sayers in the community and ignite a belief again that Victory was possible.   Darry led an under talented multi cultured team at Northside to the 8A State Championship in less than one year of inheriting the job.   This feat has never been repeated since he resigned as t Head Coach 12 years ago.

The reason I followed Darry to Fort Smith from Covington TN is because I had witnessed from across town him doing the same thing with the Munford High School Football Program.   Darry also led Briarcrest Christian School to a championship earlier in his career.   While Head Coach at Briarcrest he hired and mentored Hugh Freeze the Head football coach at Ole Miss. Darry left his tenure as Head Football coach and became the Principal at Munford High school where he was responsible for High Academics, Great Athletics and a nationally known Band.

Darry has shown a remarkable ability over his 30 plus year career to lead and motivate people from all diversities in our American Culture.  There is no doubt he has the ability to lead the town of Atoka into a new era of prosperity and harmony.   Darry has a 30 year track record of making every group he has lead a Champion again. Read more testimonials here.